This is the template that is used to add car information to the wikia.

The 1 is for speed in KM/H. 2 is for Horsepower. 3 is for torque. 4 is for RPM. 5 is for weight in KG. 6 is for grip of the car. Manuf is the manufacture of the car some of the cars have different names in the template or shorter versions of the real name. Model is the model of the car. Drive is if the car is FF, FR, AWD, RR.



Top Speed Peak Horse power Peak Torque Redline Weight Grip Price
???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ????


S-14 Kouki

Drivetrain: FR
Top Speed Peak Horse power Peak Torque Redline Weight Grip Price
280 KM/H 278 HP 181 TQ 8,000 RPM 3,188 KG 1150 ????

audi= Audi, mazda= Mazda, honda= Honda, toyota= Toyota, nissan= Nissan, subaru= Subaru, mitsubishi= Mitsubishi, mini= Mini, chev= Chevrolet, porche= Porche, bmw= BMW, ford= Ford, fiat=Fiat, hy= Hyundai, lex= Lexus, dodge= Dodge, sm= Smart, datsun= Datsun, vw= Volkswagen

Source Code

{{carinfo|1= KM/H|2= HP|3= TQ|4= RPM|5= KG|6=|manuf=|model=|drive=|image=[[file:|500px]]}}

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